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Rules of Love

- love is overrated
- love is underrated
- no matter how serious a relationship may or bay not be, treat it like it will last forever
- there is such thing as friends with benifits
- you can love more than one person in your lifetime
- you can be in love with more than one person in your lifetime
- people DO change
- you can love someone and they can turn out to be complete jackasses, that is part of life
- feelings for someone can and do die
- no one is "meant to be"
- if you wanted to, you could like/love anyone
- when you think of love, you shouldnt think of the lack of it, you should think of what you have/ had and be thankful for it
- it is called "more than a friend" for a reason, meaning that a guy/girl CAN be treated superior to your friends. if you dont feel that they should be more important, then you dont really like them as more than a friend
- dont dislike someone because ur friend ditches you for them. you would do the same
- dont prejudge
- long distance relationships dont work
- internet relationships dont work either
- opposites dont necessicarily attract

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