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criticize this community all you want

Beth and I are not the kind of mods that get obsessive and protective of our community. Those of you who know us know the point of this.

Complain, fight, bitch, insult, degrade and disagree all you want.

Just understand that it doesn't bug us. As a matter of fact, we just laugh about it in AIM. LJ fights amuse us.

If you are the kind of person who lives their lives, relationships, friendships and fights on LiveJournal, then get out now, you obsessive freak.

not aimed at anyone in particular, but since I am expecting some new members, maybe of a little bit lower intelligence, I thought you should know.

Pirate Llamas *arg*

Note to other mod: we need to take pics of the steps to the salute. and post ur emo theory)
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