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“Is Impossible An Understatement?”

“Best invention since sliced bread.” According to this popular saying, sliced bread is one of the greater inventions. However, looking back at all of the technological advances made in the past centuries, many things place higher on the list than bread. In fact, some are such marvels, that one must wonder: Is anything really possible?

One of these marvels is electricity. There is a lot known about this subject, but most still remains a mystery. One can harness this energy that no one can touch, no one can see, no one can physically describe, and it becomes this powerful force. This mysterious force is used for almost everything, and we, as humans, depend on this thing that could be considered inconceivable.

Energy and electricity are not the only wonders. They are conducive to many miraculous inventions. They have fostered televisions, computers, refrigerators, stoves, cameras, lights, the list goes on. We have been blessed to have these inventions and can not imagine living without them. It is possible to live without them though. In the centuries preceding this modern era, food was kept in ice boxes and heated over fire. Live entertainment was the only entertainment (yes, as hard as it is to believe, children had to leave the house to have fun!) and information was passed through voice or paper. Back in these seemingly prehistoric days, one could not imagine the machines we have today. Quite frankly, they would almost be frightened.

A lot of people nowadays are frightened as well. This fright must be mitigated. We are becoming blind to our capabilities and believe that we have advanced as much as possible. To some, there is no way possible to cure illnesses, live forever, be among the stars and find alien life. What those people must realize, is that we are thinking in the same mind frame as our predecessors. We have to learn from history and be able to admit that there is more that can be discovered, more that can be done.

We need to rectify this closed mindedness, for it will slow our advancement of civilization. If we expect nothing, then that is exactly what we will get. This generation needs to open its mind and dare to be the ones that turn dream into reality. We need to stop being under the aegis of what we already know and roam into the unknown. We have come this far, why not go further? If we think it to be so, I believe anything can be possible.
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