Krysta (kickstrtmyhrt) wrote in c_j_n_a,


list the ways stupid ass teachers can die...

and GO!
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darling, you can shoot mrs. butler all you want, but if those bullets aren't silver, she ain't goin down!!!

lmao *puts on helmet*
just blow up her house in canada kidnap her children catch her husband having an affair with someone and take her money away...but leave her those ugly green shoes
I wouldnt go to canada even to blow up her house, shes not worth it, her children would love for me to take them away an her husband probably is having an affair, because I know I would if I had to wake up everyday and see her next to me..

.. I could live with taking her money though
i'm just sayng take her kids catch her husband and blow up her house would make her life shitty...god i'd do all that stuff and she'd be complaining how much the real world sucks and i'd be like yeah welcome to my life bitch
i think shed just say "well, I am safe at least, because I am perfect"
Just keep making fun of Canada! She will explode some day after all the build up is too much!