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Welcome to the cjna community. In case you were wondering it stands for catholic jewish nazi anarchists. Now are you wondering why thats the name? Because it relates to the people in this community by the fact that each one of thsoe things contradict eachother like the many opinions posted in here will. It also compares because it represents so many different kinds of people also like the people in this community.There aren't many rules but there are a few:

1.This is NOT a debate journal. But we do encourage leaving comments ojn people posts baout what you think of the manner.

2.This community is open to everyone no matter what their beliefs,ideas,theorires,philosophies,opinions...etc are.

3.Ithis community you can post about ANYTHING(but if for some reason we find it offensive we will remove it(this goes for comments too)

4.No questioning the name.

5. You can promote other communities in here but please try to limit it and don't promote it more than once.

6. You do not have to put up an application to join but please fill out this survey and put it behind an lj cut:

x. spell out your name using the names of bands:
x. how old are you:
x. what school do you go to:
x. what are your favorite bands:
x. what is your favorite song:
x. if you were a crayon what color would you be:
x. describe your personality in 10 words or less:
x. define government in your own words:

and if we forgot anything in our list of interests please let us know and we'll add it(we did not mean to leave anyone out intentionally except those with henry roliins disease)